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Founded in 2010, Scratch Baking specializes in a fully array of artisanal breads, scones, croissants, brownies, pies, sweets and cakes using organic and locally-grown ingredients as much as possible.  If you try one of our products and don't like it, we'll offer you: another product to try, a store credit, or a refund; so we can promise that you won't be disappointed.  We stand behind our products.

Owner and Baker:  Ms. Lesli Flick

After graduating from Union College and completing her formal training at the Institute of Culinary Education (formerly Peter Kump’s), in New York in 2002, Lesli began her professional baking career under the guidance of 2002 Pastry Chef of the Year and Food Network Regular Andrew Shotts of the world-famous Garrison Confectioners.  Since that time, her desserts have graced the pages of Food and Wine, Oprah Winfrey’s O-Magazine, Wired and Connecticut Cottages and Gardens.  She has been a key contributor to three acclaimed cookbooks, including the SONO Baking Company Cookbook.  Her cakes have been featured on the Martha Stewart Show and the STYLE Network’s Art of Wedding Cakes 2.  In 2010, she founded Scratch Baking in Milford, Connecticut.

baker's halloween costumes:
kate, lesli and crystal


a bake shop, in a small city with a big heart         84 broad street, milford, ct